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Fashion Evolution

Two million years ago, our human ancestors were small-brained apemen and in the past many scientists have assumed the meat they ate had been gathered from animals that had died from natural causes or had been left behind by lions, leopards and other carnivores.
The rapper then went back to a more traditional runway format for the following Season 5 collection, and went a different route for the presentation of Season 6. Instead of hosting a runway show, West presented the collection on wife Kim Kardashian West, who was seen around Los Angeles in multiple paparazzi shots wearing Yeezy’s streetwear collection, many of which appeared on her own Instagram.

These skeletons tell us a number of things, especially what people ate in the past, the impact of chewing on our faces and jaws, the consequences of lifestyle changes for health and the alteration in lifestyle and consequences for skeletal maintenance.
The jumpsuits went through some changes between seasons as well, mostly for the comfort of the actors: The original one-piece jumpsuit was notoriously uncomfortable to wear, to the point where Patrick Stewart ended up suffering from back pain and was almost forced to leave the show; his subtly different variant of the standard officer’s uniform (explained away in-universe as denoting a vessel’s commanding officer) is even looser-fitting than the reworked standard uniforms as a result.

The dancing traditional wear that Rwandan men wear comprises of skirts (either long or short), head-bands made with different colored beads, ankle belts also with beads in different beautiful colors, head-dresses adorned with long grass wigs, a stick that represents a spear and then a small beautifully painted shield.
As we replace leather with plastic, meat with in vitro flesh, milk with soymilk, wool and silk with synthetic fabrics, and manure with chemical fertilizer, horses with motorcycles, and pets with tomagatchis, and predator insects with sprays, we will increasingly isolate ourselves from natural cycles and eventually from animals themselves.
For example, some northern people (Inupiat) often treated juvenile and other mammals and birds in what might be considered cavalier fashion, from catching birds by snares that opened in their gullets to playing with animals trapped, caught, or snared.


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