EMPLOYMENT, LABOUR, AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS PROVIDING STRATEGIC LEGAL ADVICE ON COMPLEX WORKPLACE-RELATED ISSUES. Located at 480 University Avenue, across from the Toronto Courts and the Ontario Labour Relations Board, our new firm is particularly well situated to provide our clients with the unparalleled responsiveness, strong and effective representation, that they need and expect in today’s marketplace.
It is because we provide legal services to employers and employees that we have a unique perspective which allows us to provide legal advice that makes employee and labour relations sense for companies, and assists employees in resolving workplace issues.

He has a long and established track record of successfully resolving wrongful dismissal and other legal claims and regularly represents the interests of his clients before Ontario and B.C. courts and administrative tribunals, including the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.
In addition, it involves litigation arising from the employment relationship, including unlawful or dismissal actions, as well as the application of provincial and federal related statutes such as Labour Standards, Human Rights and Health and Safety in the workplace.
As a result, there is nothing stopping lawyers without much experience in employment law from professing that they practise it, on their websites and in the media - and they do. For instance, when I searched Google for “wrongful dismissal employment lawyer in toronto lawyer in Toronto,” one individual who I’d never heard of before appeared at the top of the list, which surprised me until I also quickly found his name when I searched for both “divorce lawyer” and “immigration lawyer” in Toronto.

Prevent issues from escalating by developing a long-term strategy for your employment law concerns or handle an issue that has escalated already by speaking with a team of attorneys who know the landscape and advise you with your best interests in mind.
Robert’s presentation included: Introduction; Overview - Why ‘Respectful Workplaces’ is an Important Topic; What is a Respectful Workplace?; Occupational Health and Safety Act - workplace harassment; Human Rights Code - discrimination in employment; Fostering a Healthy and Respectful Workplace; and Q & A - Discussion.

Although a number of the lawyers at Paliare Roland concentrate their practice in specific areas of litigation, no one is required to do so. The firm’s culture is rooted firmly in the belief that a good litigator is able to do virtually any type of case.
He has also represented clients in proceedings before boards of arbitration, the provincial and federal Human Rights Tribunals, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (Employment Standards Branch), and the Canadian Industrial Relations Board. Welcome to Pinto James LLP, one of Toronto’s most innovative law firms offering superior advice and representation to clients involved in legal disputes.


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