How To Find A Personal Trainer In London

We run part-time (weekend) and full-time fitness courses across London, all taught and supported by fitness training experts with industry experience. The Fitting Rooms ethos is that you can achieve your health and fitness goals whilst still living a normal life and we offer a range of training packages with no monthly contracts and a highly flexible, online booking system, so you can experience expertly led exercise on your terms.
Most people will tend to define fitness as being very specific on one thing, so you end up with strong people who can’t run, and runners who can’t be strong; what we’re really saying is that be a good human being you need to specialise in everything, and that includes training all three energy systems to become a good aerobic athlete, a good anaerobic athlete, and a good short sprinter.

DISCLAIMER: It is essential to note that the results you achieve will be dependent upon many factors, including but not limited to: the time spent training with our personal trainers in London Bridge, or following our Online training programmes in your own gym; how hard you train; how disciplined you are with your diet and nutrition and your individual genetic and hormonal response to the training.
Becoming a successful trainer is about developing a good relationship with your client, and formulating the right blueprint for them as an individual, which means cultivating a level of emotional intelligence that’ll help you gauge their likely stumbling points and identifying the real motivations for their goals.

Her love and interest of pilates came when she was training for her hardest charity event to date which consisted of running 7 marathons in 7 days and Hollie found that Pilates helped her training and also has sculpted ad changed her body shape for the better.
It offers endless possibilities, such as you don’t have to work for a gym, you can work with particular sporting teams working with their players to ensure that they get the workout that they need while reducing the risk of injury and preparing them for their next game in terms of fitness.

The career paths available to a personal trainer vary from being directly employed by a healthcare facility (therefore receiving a base salary), to freelancing at a club (having to recruit and maintain clients to earn money), and being completely independent, setting up their own business.


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