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Online Donate — For Church

Use the form below to submit a one-time or recurring donation to West Point Grey Baptist Church. This giving module comes as part of Fellowship One’s three software editions—the only features that are not included in all editions are batch entry, credit card processing, and integrated remote deposit capture for automated bank deposits—these features come only in the Premier edition.
Your donations are securely transferred to your PayPal account or deposited into your checking account. Yes - with Sharefaith Giving, donors can give one time or set up a donation to reoccur regularly - weekly, bi-weekly, church donations monthly, etc. Similar to the argument that online giving is less intentional or spiritual, the argument here is when you set up your online tithe as a recurring transaction, it doesn’t take discipline to keep giving.

Choose an Event”, such as Sunday Offertory or Building & Maintenance, to which you would like to donate, entering the frequency, date range and dollar amount, then click add to my gift basket.” You may click checkout” at any time, or add more donations if you wish.
Because donors like to have closer ties with those that they are supporting and want to see results - the difference their donations are making, video-sharing is an effective tool to accomplish this by keeping donors updated and informed about a cause’s progress.
From its parish kickoff through the third month, St. Boniface saw an amazing 61% increase in online donations. Since they exclusively serve churches, you can trust that Clover Give will know what your congregation needs to reach its fundraising goals. Over 15,000 churches trust easyTithe with their online giving.

As your church starts raising money with Fundly, you can grow your congregation like never before by reaching new audiences across social media. There are also websites and organizations whose main goal and objective is to help with church giving, non-profit fundraising and the development of online donations.
And exporting your giving data directly to your accounting software helps you track where your money is coming from and where it’s going all year long. You cannot just buy any software without analyzing the needs of the church or nonprofit, doing this will waste your time and hard earned money.
With this new and rapidly growing medium, there are many compelling reasons churches should be leveraging Facebook Live for ministry and to connect with people. Lake Sawyer Church keeps a record of all your gifts made via cash, check, and online in our church management software, CCB.


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