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Elite Intelligence is a Tampa Bay-based private investigation firm with decades of experience in security and intelligence. With our Tampa debugging service, you may now keep your private conversations and corporate meetings safe from corporate spies, unlicensed Tampa private investigators, sleuths, private eyes, south Florida detective agencies & people that may tap a persons phone or tap a cellular phone.
In 2001, the government passed the licensing of private investigators and private investigation firms in the UK over to the Security Industry Authority (SIA), which acted as the regulatory body from then on. However, due to the cutbacks of this agency, licensing of private investigators citation needed in the UK was halted indefinitely.

Our team of investigators includes several former federal agents with a wide range of national and international experience and a full time, in-house practicing attorney who ensures we follow all local, state and federal laws and regulations law to the letter.
Our team of experienced medical, legal and investigative professionals at Top Gun Investigations in Tampa will perform an independent assessment and comprehensive Private Investigator Tampa review of all autopsy, toxicology and police reports to help ascertain if the cause of death was suicide, accident or something more suspicious.

Our security consultants deliver the best Technical Surveillance Counter Measures services to improving security measures with tscm electronic counter measures, phone line sweeps and de bugging services to detect illegal eavesdropping at home or workplace.
If an investigator and agency are members of groups like the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) or the United States Association of Professional Investigators, this adds to their legitimacy, and it tells you that they value their place in the larger community of investigators.
Many times we have clients who are consumed with emotion and although we sympathize with their circumstances our services will not resolve their problems. Using our experience and knowledge in the investigations sector to help you achieve your investigative goals while staying completely under your budget.

Private investigators working outside of cities can also earn high salaries in Florida. Our investigators are specially trained in counter-surveillance, personal protection, fraud investigation, locating missing persons and anything else involved in the world of private investigation.
His specialties include: background investigations, surveillance in civil and criminal matters, domestic matters, court records and social media searches, missing persons and property, as well as repossession. PIs will work for private individuals or companies and attorneys may hire private detectives to find out information for a case.

Gator conducts all manners of investigative services for a wide variety of clients. We are not like other Tampa Private Investigators online people search services since we are a licensed detective agency specializing in research to help people locate information.
A Tampa Florida PI can investigate an employee, business partner, cheating spouse, cheating boyfriend, ex girlfriend, relative, insurance fraud claimant, suspect, debtor, witness, house wives, spouses, insurance companies, businesses and the public. Contact an investigator from AllStar Investigations for info on Tampa public record searches.

Below are other PI questions Tampa private investigators commonly get asked. Our Tampa Private Investigators help find missing persons and search for people or asset searches effectively in south Florida or in your state. The work of a private investigator in Tampa varies from case to case and can land them in some complicated and dicey situations.


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