Acer was set up in 1976 by Stan Shih and a group of five other members in Taipei,Taiwan. A recurring complaint among Taiwanese food companies at the 2018 Taipei food expo is that they are not only competing with mainland Chinese companies offering lower prices, but are also fighting to escape the global image of mainland Chinese products as being cheap, poorly made and, in the case of food products, unsafe.
Oolong tea originated in China, and is produced and consumed primarily in China and Taiwan. Acer and Asus are two of the world leaders in laptop production, 臺東伴手禮 and with these two giants of the industry in Taiwan, it’s no shock that there are hundreds of smaller local companies riding along on their coattails.

Events that happened in 1949: Mao Tse Tung’s army marches into Nanking; a bill is introduced to relocate African-Americans “equitably” throughout the country; Truman institutes policy of aid to underdeveloped countries; flight records are made; NATO begins; Republic of Ireland is created; Siam becomes Thailand; Chinese Communists take Shanghai; Orwell’s 1984 is published; Supreme Court rules that evidence gathered through illegal search and seizure may still be used in prosecution; apartheid begins by law in South Africa; Willie Mayes debuts; Vatican excommunicates Communists; seven UFOs in three pairs with one trailing are tracked for ten minutes; Ingrid Bergman divorces and quits Hollywood; Truman announces Russia has The Bomb; Mao Tse Tung becomes Chairman of China; and Chiang Kai-shek’s government flees to Taiwan.
Formed by a mother who is a natural farming herb farmer and the daughter, a certified aromatherapist, the wellness brand Isay is careful to formulate the most stable, non-irritating skin products based on what makes sense for the skin, sometimes choosing herbal distillate (hydrosol) over water and essential oils.

Founded in 2007 to create CGI-animated videos for news without real footage for Apple Daily News in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the talents of Taiwan’s animators were exposed to the world with the 2009 release of their hilarious video of what might have happened during Tiger Woods’ infamous car crash.
This year’s Best Global Taiwan Brands survey featured representatives from a diverse array of industries, including: consumer electronics (Asus, HTC, and Acer), sports and health (Giant, Merida, and Johnson), IT (Advantech, Delta, and MediaTek), financial services (CTBC, Cathay, and Chailease), food and beverages (Want Want, 85℃, and Uni-President), and Cosmetics (CHLITINA).
For example, 85℃ hastened its steps to transform retail stores and enhanceme in-store services to realize the restructuring of the brand, in addition to researching and developing health food products catered to customers around the world with new ingredient-selection mechanisms and formula designs.

Markets are a big part of Taiwanese culture and are worth visiting to witness the copious amount of bright signs and the authentic food served by street vendors. If you want to try a variety of Taiwanese food and pay less, go to a snack street in a night market in Taipei.
We are a fresh food supermarket that provides unique international commodities with the highest quality and value. There are teashops everywhere, and boxes of tea leaves are one of the most popular souvenir items on the market. The 3 night markets in this section make a great tasting platter” - an introduction to the tons of dazzling sights and snacks that Taipei’s night markets have to offer.

The average sailing time from Taiwan’s largest international harbor in Kaohsiung to the 5 major Asia-Pacific harbors is only 53 hours. Non-GMO soybeans are another area where we think Canada might have more growth in the future, because Taiwanese consumers are very health conscious and look for quality products,” she says.
If you visited any Taiwanese drugstores just 5 years ago, all you’d have seen would be Korean cosmetics and Japanese brands. Based in Taiwan, For Beloved One is one of Asia’s top cosmeceutical skincare brands and they are most known for the discovery and creation of bio-cellulose mask.
Due to the geographical enormity of China and the huge variation of economic development between cities, market potential differs from city to city. The potential impact would be that foreign clothing brands would find that their prices could be more readily accepted in the Chinese market.

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