Our services include data-led customer experience and contact centre services across multiple channels, consulting, solution design, payment services, digital and marketing services, and a range of B2B and B2C processes in sales, back office and more. In addition to these Valencia has hosted world-class events that helped shape the city’s reputation and put it in the international spotlight, e.g., the Regional Exhibition of 1909, the 32nd and the 33rd America’s Cup competitions, the European Grand Prix of Formula One auto racing, the Valencia Open 500 tennis tournament, and the Global Champions Tour of equestrian sports.
Ivan Arribas (MSc Mathematics with special honours and Ph.D. Economics) is professor at University of Valencia and associate researcher servicio tecnico balay valencia at ivie (Valencian Institute of Economic Research) and research fellow at ERI-CES (Research centre for social and economic behaviour).

The Valencian innovation system is made up of five distinct types of agents: the Valencian society as a consumer of innovation and technology, the public sector, the science, technology and innovation offer together with support infrastructure for innovation, companies and financial agents.
Founded in 2015, the Valencia-based laundry service startup Mr Jeff (now, just Jeff) has already grown to over 500 employees, after announcing the expansion of their global business model last July in a bid to become a services super app and make people’s lives easier.

Experience in the reception of sea-borne coal and fuel oil supplies, led to technical inspections of sea-borne crude oil deliveries on “maquila” operations for Spanish Oil Refineries on behalf of Lloyds of London through local Agents, and this in turn to inspections of containers, technical cargoes, IMCO cargoes, contamination claims, pollution claims, dock damage, etc.
Technical experience in England (principally in the construction, inspection, commissioning, operation and maintenance of a wide variety of electrical and mechanical plants) logically led to the use of the company’s inspection services in power plants in Spain.

No, there is no direct bus from Barcelona to Technical University of Valencia. This ranks the Valencian Community in 12th place among the 17 Spanish autonomous communities, below both the national (27,600) and (30,000) EU-28 averages. Our maintenance services are adapted to your company, and lead to significant savings in electrical failure emergencies.

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