Warm weather brings out a host of parasites that like to prey on pets, including the tick. If you live in an area with ticks, speak with your veterinarian about medication that helps prevent ticks from attaching to your pet and kills any that do. Your veterinarian can also show you the safe way to remove ticks without breaking off the head and leaving some of the tick attached to your pet.
Ticks are especially bad for carrying diseases and enjoy and can survive in the nice warm heat of your home, ticks get carried into the home on pets and preferably dogs and once they have had their feed, fall off and seek cover in a safe area out of site which makes theses pests hard to find and get rid of.

The treatment liquid or gel is typically applied between your dog’s shoulder blades, where they can’t reach it. The medication then enters the dog’s bloodstream, killing any ticks on the dog quickly and preventing future parasites in a similar fashion to oral medications.
Unlike their insect cousins, ticks can survive at near-freezing temperatures, unaffected by the application of even the toughest household repellents, and can transfer nasty infections such as Lyme disease and spotted fever to your beloved canine companion.

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ВЂњMost often ticks are picked up in rural areas, latching onto pets and people as they walk through brushes or tall grass, but itвЂs not unheard of for animals to attract ticks in an urban setting ticks suck blood from host as well.” Over the past three decades, cases of Lyme disease have increased and spread across the U.S. , meaning vigilance during the spring, summer and fall will be key to your petвЂs health.

Preventative measures are always the best long-term solution, and with tick prevention this starts with a dog’s environment. Not only can it kill ticks, it is also used for removing fleas as well. This information can be important later on if your dog shows symptoms consistent with tick disease.

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