Do you remember the Miami Sound Machine with Gloria Estefan in the 1980s? Choose whether you want to focus, relax, meditate, nap, or sleep at night, and automatically creates a soundtrack based on a short profile you create when signing up. Or, you can listen to soundtracks based around a particular sound, such as rain, nightsounds, and electronic noises.
That’s why, deep in the soundscape playlists of the Internet, there are sounds called brown” or pink” or even blue.” Those sounds are not white noise” because some of their frequencies are being played at different amplitudes, intended to drown out very specific sounds.

If you’ve ever lived above a bar or had neighbors that enjoyed blasting music throughout the night, you know that heavy bass is enough to keep up even the window fan sounds most tired among us. Our brains automatically zero in on sounds, so in order to get to sleep and relax our minds, we have to drown out those sounds.

With more than 10,000 reviews and an average of 4.1-star rating, this is one of the most popular sound machines on Amazon Buyers like the quality of the sound, the lack of bright or annoying light on the machine’s control panel, and the high level of volume control.
While the background auditory stimuli had no effect on the arithmetic ability of either group in the easy condition, it strongly affected extroverts in the difficult condition, with RTs being faster during agitating or joyful music as well as rain sounds, compared to the silent condition.

While all of the above machines work just fine for children, sound machines that were made specifically for kids pack unique features like built-in night lights, sounds that mimic the womb and even projectors, which can imitate the look of a mobile above the crib.
The whirring of a fan, an app, or a machine covers up all the little sounds that could be distracting to your brain—your partner’s snoring, a dripping faucet, or people talking outside your apartment on a Saturday night, says Christopher Winter , M.D., a fellow at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and medical director at the sleep center at Martha Jefferson Hospital.
For example, Proverbio et al. 22 , when observing a group of 54 non-musicians listening to music, nature sounds or silence while studying hundreds of faces, found that background auditory stimuli (rain sounds and joyful music) interfered with memory encoding, which decreased the overall performance.

Some baby sound machines are equipped with a programmable timer that enables it to turn off automatically at a certain time. We might realize sounds like this stress us out, but we might not realize how detrimental even overly loud background noise can be. According to Treasure, you are one third as productive in open-plan offices (or noisy spaces) as in quiet rooms.
There’s more evidence on the benefits of white noise for sleep. You can choose your writing background, soundtrack, and key sounds—or just go with OmmWriter’s defaults to keep you focused on writing. Open the app, and you’re presented with a simple, distraction-free writing environment with a Zen-like soundtrack to accompany your writing.

There are so many different options of white noise to try, from rain and nature noises to static or the sound of hairdryers, so get experimenting and see what works. Sound machines can be useful for almost anything. The white noise sleep relaxation sound machine are supposed to be able to blank out street noises, appliances, barking dogs, your significant other’s snores and much more.


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